Why workshops?

I started creating workshops partly to practice my facilitation skills, and partly because I want to help my peers share skills and resources. If I can lead by example and create workshops to share things I'm excited about, maybe others would do the same!
I've created and run workshops as part of Design Club at Santa Monica College, and also independently.


Personal Project


Zoom, Google Meet, Miro, Airtable, Discord



Airtable Workshops

Roadmapping Your Life

Roadmapping your life is a workshop I conducted with Design Club at Santa Monica College, where I showed design students a way to set goals in life, and break down the steps to achieve them, while also bringing in a demo of using Airtable to keep track of these tasks.

Roadmapping Your Project

At the invitation of professor Luke Johnson, I also adapted this workshop to fit one session of the Project Management course at Santa Monica College. In this workshop I showed more in detail how to use Airtable to manage not just life goals, but also project goals. As a part of this workshop, I created an Airtable project management template to show how to generate a Gantt chart easily with the platform.

Other Workshops

How to Discord

In the hope to use Discord as a platform for social connection during the pandemic, I created workshops to show students and staff at Santa Monica College how to use Discord as a way to create social or academic groups and connect with each other.

Organize your Google Workflow

After hearing from our peers that keeping Google accounts and files organized is a struggle, Miguel and I cohosted a workshop to provide tips on organization.